Here you will find 3rd party resources to help you be more successful in marketing your affiliate link.  Some of these resources are free, some of them have a cost associated with them.  Feel free to use those that you believe will help you.

I have tried to find resources that I believe will make you more successful online, and create more sales for you, and therefore more commissions.  I use many of these myself and find them very useful.

If you find a resource that is not listed here that you think will be beneficial to other affiliates, please let me know by sending a quick email to

Renegade Professional

This is my favorite resource here!  And definitely the most valuable.  It is a step-by-step video education about how to market any type of business online.  Watch the video at right to take the tour. 

There are two links below .  The first link takes you to the sign up page for Renegade University.  This is the free portion of the site that gives you a handful of videos and training so you get a feel for what it is all about.   All it takes for this is your name and email address.  The videos are real info you can use right away in marketing your affiliate link or any other business.  The second link takes you to the Renegade Professional sales page.  Renegade Pro is the full access to everything (not free, of course).  It costs $49.95 per month for full access.  You will learn how to market any business online.  It is by far the best, and most cost effective marketing program I have come across yet.
MySpeed by Enounce

This is another favorite.  I use this extensively while watching training video.  It is a must have if you are using Renegade Professional above or are still going through the School of Natural Healing.  It is well worth the cost even if you only use it to watch the videos on this site.

MySpeed lets you speed up video playback up to 5 times normal speed to get through training faster.  Or slow it down up to .3 times normal speed to take notes.

Click the picture at right for a quick tour.  Click here to go to the Enounce site.
Cost: $29.99

Use hostgator to host unlimited websites, domains, subdomains, blogs, etc.  They are one of the largest hosting companies and are really easy to use.  Your plan includes many tools and plug-ins as well as website builders too.  This is the hosting company I use.  I find the best value to be the 'Baby Croc' plan. 
Plans start at $4.95 per month
WYSIWYG Web Builder 7

A really easy to use, very capable What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder.  This is the one I use to build all of my websites.  Tons of tools and plug-ins to enhance the builder and make your site even better.  Best of all you don't have to be a HTML coder or tech geek to design good looking websites.
Cost $44.95

Quickly create and run your campaigns with powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tools.

Whether you're looking to get your first email campaign off the ground, or you're a seasoned veteran who wants to dig into advanced tools like detailed email web analytics, activity based segmentation, geo-targeting and broadcast split-testing, this program has a wealth of tools for you.
Cost: Plans start at $19.00 per month.


An easy to use, FREE, FTP program.  FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a system of transferring information from your computer to the internet.  Well, technically it is being transferred to the server where your website is hosted.  You will need an FTP program to upload your websites and blogs.

An easy to use WYSIWYG web builder completely online.  With this one you do not need to know any HTML code or even how to use a FTP programs to upload your site to the internet.  All the coding and file transfer is done for you. 
Cost depends on plan, ranging from FREE to $49 per year

My Two Favorite Resources
Website Builders and Web Hosting
Email Marketing and Autoresponders


Another great email marketing program.  iContact was created to make email marketing easy. You can create permission-based email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders with 98-99% deliverability.
Cost: Plans start at $9.95 per month
Go Daddy

Purchase domain names, build your site, host your site. Go Daddy is probably the most popular place online to buy domain names.  Personally, I like to buy the domain here, then host it at Hostgator.  I've found that the price to purchase the domain is slightly cheaper at Go Daddy, but the hosting is a bit cheaper and easier to use at Hostgator.
Cost depends on what you buy. They offer a lot of products.  A basic .com domain name will be $7.49 to $10.00 per year.

This was recommended by one our affiliates.  If you buy your domain from the hosting is free. 
Cost: $25 per year for your .com domain
Mail Chimp

Here is another good email program recommended by an affiliate.  Strong capabilities and easy to use.  The nice thing about this one is it has a free option up to a certain number of subscribers or emails sent per month. When you reach that number then you move to monthly pay plans.
Cost: Free up to certain # of subscribers then plans start at $15.00 per month

Got a really good idea going and want to make sure you get it all down?  This cool software allows you to map your brainstorms and ideas in a easy-to-use format so you can see how everything connects.
Useful and Cool Free Stuff

Blog Profits Blueprint

Another ebook by Yaro Starek.  This one will take you through how to use your blog to make money by promoting your affiliate link.  Either click on the image to the right to download the Blog Profits Blueprint and sign up for his blog tips newsletter (recommended), or click here to only download the pdf. 

His own blog is worth taking a look at as a good example of a successful money making blog.  Click here to go there.
Cost: FREE
Twitter Success Guide

Learn the basics of getting started with Twitter from Skeeter Hanson and Al Farretti of
Cost: FREE
Social Media Manifesto

This ebook by Katie Freiling is a great introduction for succesfully marketing yourself in the social media realm like Facebook, Twitter etc.  This is one of the hottest marketing areas online right now and for good reason.  This guide will help you do it right. 

Her blog is a great example as well.  Definitely worth taking a look at.  Click here to go there.
Cost: FREE
Roadmap to Become a Blogger

This ebook by Yaro Starek will show you the 5 milestones you must reach to become a successful blogger as well as 13 strategies to get the most out of your blog.  Either click on the image to the right to download the Roadmap to Become a Blogger from Yaro's website (there are several good 'how to blog' videos there too), or click here to only download the pdf.
Cost: FREE
Rapid Video Blogging

This ebook by Gideon Shalwick will teach you how to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your blog by using video.  Learn how to create video simply and easily and how to use your videos online to drive more traffic to your blog or affiliate link.  Either click the image to the right to Rapid Video Blogging from Gideon's website (a lot of great tips for using video on his site), or click here to only download the pdf.
Cost: FREE
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