Welcome to the Training Page.  Get real friendly with this page because this is where you will find ideas and videos on how to use your affiliate link to generate more sales.  Check back regularly as we are consistently adding new content.

Extremely Valuable Tool: MySpeed by Enounce

Since this training site is video intensive you will definitely want to purchase MySpeed by Enounce.  This tool allows you to speed up video playback up to 5 times as fast so you can move through training a lot faster.  It also allows you to slow down video playback to .3 times normal speed if there is something you want to take notes on.   

If you do anything at all with online training videos this tool is fantastic.  I use this tool extensively and find it invaluable.  You can get this tool either by going to the Resources page, or by clicking the link above. 
Cost: $29.99
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7 tips for Dynamic Videos
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Back Office Tour

Take a short video tour of the many useful features in your affiliate back office.
The Big Idea

Learn the basic concept behind promoting your affiliate link.
Using Your Link in Email

Learn how to paste your link into an email to send to others.
Creating a Unique URL for your Affiliate Link

Also learn how to use domains and subdomains.
Creating Text Links in WebBuilder & Webstarts

Learn how to link text and also how to use FTP
Using Banners

Learn how to put banners in your website or blog
Launch Your Blog

Learn how to create your blog from Melanie Milletics. Step-by-step instructions. (NOTE: This link takes you outside of this website)
The Trouble with Twitters

Sometimes a distraction like this just makes your day.  A good warning about abusing Twitter.
The Big Idea 2

There are 3 main areas you must consider when creating great websites or blogs.
Email Signatures

An easy and effective way to share your affiliate link through your regular emails.
Get Your Own Domain Name

Learn how to get your own domain at GoDaddy, how to forward to your affiliate link, and how to host your site at HostGator
Keyword Research Guide
The School of Natural Healing
The School of Natural Healing
Healing Through Knowledge and Truth
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Become a Wordpress Blog Expert in 24 Hours